Integrative Studio II


For the next seven weeks we were going to move on to another assignment. We were given a brief about the assignment, the idea was to find our specific interests in the discipline we were going to choose.

The class started off with a detailed description of what comes under each discipline. On the board we had written all the elements that come under all the six disciplines. Since I was going to opt for product design, I quickly noted down my interests toy, accessory, automobile, furniture, lighting, smart app, electronics and so on. The next step was to create a rough mind map of these sub topics so as to understand what we were going to do in the future.


For the eighth week we had to do a more detailed research on the topics we were interested in the most. I chose toy design, lifestyle accessory design, furniture design and automobile design.

I started the mind map with the process of making and launching a product, the lifecycle of product design and then branch into my interests. Under my interests I wrote what the course entails and the different types of products that would come under it.


We then individually discussed our mind maps with our faculty and got a better clarity on our area of interest.


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