Object as history


Object as history


A completely new subject, we were all very excited to find out what the course has to offer. I think each of us had our own understanding of the subject when we read our timetable. I thought we were going to study the evolution of objects in history and how an object can talk a lot about the time period it comes from with the way its been made, the finesse, the tools used and so on.The way I see it, an object is proof of history; as the world evolves, objects evolve with it.

The first class was a interactive session, the main idea was to understand what the course was all about. We started the class with, “what is an object?” and everyone spoke about their understanding of an object. It was interesting to see how everyone had their own understanding of an object and how contrasting the answers were. The discussion moved on to how one can connect the look of an object to a particular period in history and understand what the object is made of, by simply looking at the texture, colour, feel and so on.

Later we spoke about how we blindly believe certain facts in history but in reality a lot of it is over exaggerated. At historical monuments; tour guides have their own tales about the history of the place, tales that attract crowds and interests them in knowing more about the place.

We saw a short video that depicted our life process and how we’ve evolved over years. Overall the first class gave us a better understanding of the course and got us pumped up and excited for following weeks.