The session started with a reintroduction to the course “Time”, few of us gave a brief of what happened the previous class. After that, it was time to get our hands dirty, we got poster paints and A5 sheets to class.

Each of us were asked to make paintings of the 5 elements of nature and the 5 senses. We had to let our mind loosen up and let creativity take over. There were no restrictions, we had the freedom to make as many abstract paintings as we wanted; the paintings had to be abstract and not that literal. The whole point of the exercise was to take away our fear of paints and get confident with the paint brush.

So we just dipped our brushes in the paint and started painting, as we got the hang of it, ideas started streaming in and we got a lot more comfortable with the paint. I explored various ways of painting, blending the colours together, splashing it on the canvas and using the brush and bits of paper to create textures.


2. Fire– Thick black smoke fading away
3. Water– shows the flow of water
4. Water- shows waves and ripples, the colours show the diversity of aquatic life
5. Land- the fingerprints look like impressions of shoes on land
6. Sight– Phosphenes- the colours and shapes you see when you close your eyes
7. Smell– Its shaped like a nose, inhaling ad exhaling air
8. Taste– Explosion of flavours
9. Sound- Sound waves emerging from a point
10. Water– The splashing of water

Once we were done exploring with the paints, each of us had to pick one of our favourite paintings and display it on the table. The boring white table was filled with everyones colourful paintings, we all gathered around the table to discuss and critique others work. We spoke about a few paintings, some were very fluid and you could see the person wasn’t rigid while painting it but others were structured, like the person was conscious about the white space while painting.


It was interesting to see how everyone perceived the five senses and elements in a different way, it helped broaden my imagination. Exploring with poster paints gave we confidence with the brush and I started enjoying the activity. Though each persons art looked meaningless to the other, there was so much meaning to why it was that way.



What is time? How does one measure time? Do you feel time? Is time different for each person? How do things change with time? The session started with these questions; it got us thinking, something as simple as time can be so difficult to put into words. We started brainstorming for the question, “how do you measure time?” I wrote down keywords from everyones answers, it was interesting to see how many keywords we came up with as a class.


Everyone had different answers for these questions, after an hour of discussing about these topics we had a better idea of the subject. We were briefed that the subject is divided into three parts; colour, photography and multimedia.

The next two hours of class involved writing, sketching and creative thinking. Each of us had to write about the, “significance of design in our lives.” There was no limitation, we had the freedom to write as much as we want.

Time is relative:

TIME- Something that runs past so fast but there are days when time can feel slow, days when you feel like you’re just stuck in time, days when every second feels like minutes and every minute feels like hours. Each second feels slower than the previous, second by second, minute by minute and hour by hour you power through those dark days. When I went to Penang, Malaysia with my family, we went on a tram ride up a mountain. It was nearing sunset and the sky was painted in yellow and orange. It was getting late, so we decided to go down the mountain but unfortunately the trams weren’t working and we were stuck on the mountain for 24 hours. There was panic everywhere, no one knew when the trams would get fixed. Those 24 hours on that chilly mountain felt endless; that day I saw the colours of the sky change so quickly, from sunset to sunrise, beautiful colours consumed the sky but to me the whole world seemed to be running slow. Time is relative, there are days when it feels fast and days when it feels slow.

Then we moved onto discussing about colour. The colour wheel is something fascinating, how three primary colours combine with three secondary colours to give rise to a new colour. There is something about the mixing of two or more colours that gives me joy, with paints and a brush you have the ability to create new colours. No colour gives me fear, every colour that exists in this world is there for a reason, every colour has a purpose.

Later, each of us had to make abstract illustrations of the 5 senses and the 4 elements of nature. First I made rough sketches and once I had a clear idea, I started making my final illustrations.

Five senses:



Four elements: