Only a few steps were left before we finished our model for review day:

9.Making the top of the box:

We wanted to use hinges to make our box openable and closable, to make it look neat and professional we wanted to make invisible hinges. After cutting out the top, we drilled holes and attached the hinges, using a saw we cut out the screws protruding out of the sides.

10.Stained glass painting:

First we made a stencil out of paper then placed the acrylic sheet on the paper and used glass paints to make the painting. Once it was dry we had two pieces of stained glass paintings(neoclassic art).

11.Last minute details:

Using white paint, we made a neoclassical window design outside the peep hole.


12.Assembling the parts:

First we fit the glass and the mirror in the base, followed by the stained glass, candles and the red cloth. Then we had to attach the sides to the base and build the structure. Once this was done, we had our final installation ready for display.







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Jonathan Livingston was a misfit, the other gulls only cared about food but he was different, he wanted to conquer flying. None of the gulls thought in his perspective; they were confined within boundaries that their ancestors had set for them. Jonathan was exiled for achieving something great, something the other gulls didn’t understand. He was exiled just because they knew he was different and different scares everyone. For a while he thinks about the unfortunate event, he asks himself why? and finally decides to move on. Later, Jonathan is escorted to a very mystical place which he thinks is heaven, but that’s his idea of the place, this place can be anything. This place is described to be way above the clouds where you can find unique gulls like Jonathan who have one purpose in life, to master every aspect of flying. Jonathan has a preconceived notion about this place, he calls it heaven and so when he actually reaches the place, he is disappointed with what he sees and feels. He assumes that heaven would be a place where he could fly for hours and he’d never get tired but reality hits him, he wonders why he got tired in the first place. I feel that this is one of the biggest mistakes Jonathan makes, he builds up expectations and as a result he ends up not being satisfied. This is repeated throughout the chapter so I think it could be a possible motif.

One thing that troubled Jonathan the most was the number of gulls at the place, there were very few gulls in comparison to back home. He wondered why there were limited gulls in such a place, a place where there was so much of opportunity. Jonathan was confused so he sought the help of his instructor, Sullivan and an elder gull, Chiang. I felt Sullivan and Chiang had contrasting answers to Jonathan’s question. Sullivan gave a very structured answer, he told Jonathan that he is better than the rest but Chiang had a more philosophical approach to the question, he gave Jonathan meaning in life and gave him pointers that would help him. When Chiang appreciates Jonathan for his speed, he was thrilled. This particular part tells us that Jonathan was craving attention from someone in this new place.

Chiang’s words of wisdom and appreciation helps Jonathan realize that his capabilities are limitless and he shouldn’t be confined because he has a seagulls body. So he starts practicing along with Chiang from dusk till dawn so he can master the art of flying. He finally gets a hang of it, he masters flying. He transports himself to another destination in no time, by simply thinking of that place. This part was really exciting and I felt happy when he finally achieved his goal. His hours and hours of practice finally had a great outcome. A flock of gulls congratulated him on his return. After this great victory, Jonathan wanted to pass on his learnings to another group of enthusiastic young gulls. He bumps into Fletcher Lynd, a young and enthusiastic gull who is ready to take lessons and just like that Jonathan finds purpose again. He starts fresh by teaching Fletcher from level flight.